kanbatteries.jpg (66783 bytes) KAN NiHd cells
with Deans ultraplug

8 cell 1050 mAh  $20.00

10 cell 650 mAh  $26.00

8 cell 650 mAh  $16.00

8cell730.jpg (8109 bytes)


Designed by GWS to fit the warbirds

8cell NiHd  by SANYO



LI-10503s1p[1].jpg (15169 bytes) GWS LIPOLY

1050 mAh 3s1p $28
1300 mAh 2s1p $21
1300 mAh 3s1p $32

270a.gif (32314 bytes) 270 mAh 6 cell NiCad


zero600.jpg (10780 bytes) 600mAh 6 cell NiCad
fits GWS zero 
150.gif (28334 bytes) 150 mAh 6 cell NiCad



300nimhd.gif (8240 bytes) 350 mah NiHd 8.4 volt battery 2.2 oz
Longer duration while weighing about the same as
a 150 mah NiCad    $25


hitecbattery.JPG (11825 bytes) Transmitter battery for Hitec


batholder.gif (14898 bytes) Battery holder for radio
4 cells  $1.50
beaverbatt.jpg (10492 bytes) 600 mAh NiCad for Beaver


gwsmc2002.jpg (31663 bytes) GWS NiCad and NiHd

Battery charger   $48.00
uses 12volt source (car battery)
Does not charge Lithium cells

jstconnector.jpg (76426 bytes) $2.00 each
charger2.gif (125488 bytes)  

  Designed for use with a 12V power supply (car battery)

  • Will charge 6- to 7-cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs ranging in capacity from 250 to 700mAh
  • Compatible with nearly all of the battery packs used by slow and park flyers and other small electric aircraft
  • 30-minute timer and alligator clip connectors
  • Small enough to fit in car glove compartment
wallcharger.jpg (20902 bytes)
Transmitter/receiver wall charger
pulse.jpg (89081 bytes)
$50.00  one left


auroracharger[1].jpg (29823 bytes) $39

Charges 1 to 3 cell Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion Battery Packs. The number of cells and charge rates are jumper selectable. Charging can be changed according to the cell capacity, from 200 mAH to 2000 mAH. The Aurora Charger has built in reverse battery protection.
The charging process is automatic. The Red LED is lit while charging and the Green LED turns on when charging is complete.
It is the simplest and most affordable charger built with safety protections.

If you dont like it for any reason you are welcome to send it back for a new replacement or for store credit.