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tigermoth.gif (34573 bytes)
31.5 inch wingspan  3 channel
by GWS    

$48 complete with motor/prop

(PICO pack with 150mah suggested by manufacturer not included)

uses 9 x 7 prop

fuselage replacement $16

150.gif (28334 bytes)
150 mah NiCad
$14  6 cell      $16  7 cell
270.gif (33805 bytes)
270 mah NiCad
6 cell $20     
2 for $30
300nimhd.gif (8240 bytes)
300 mah NiHd 8.4 volt battery
Longer duration while weighing about the same as
a 150 mah NiCad    $25
8cell.JPG (94494 bytes)
8 cell 370mah NiHd   $30
2.3 oz  High quality construction
jstconnector.jpg (76426 bytes) JST connectors
This is the standard
park flyer connnector
Pre-wired with 4" of wire.
$2 each male or female
cubstick2.gif (8544 bytes)
41.3 inch wing span   $26
gwspicoflightpack.jpeg (22702 bytes)
Flightpack     (sub micro)
two pico servos + GWR-4P receiver + ICS50 ESC (2amp) one 270 mah                     $80
150 mah 7.2 volt battery  $85
300 mah 8.4 volt NiHd    $95

Add $8 for receiver crystal
jst.JPG (35831 bytes)
with JST connectors 
Save 5% weight over standard pack.
Choose battery combo at left and add $10 for JST version.
wright.gif (111444 bytes)
1903 Wright Flyer 
24" wing span
Balsa tissue model   $16
picocub.gif (9563 bytes) PICO CUB by GWS

39.8 wingspan  3 channel

$38 complete with motor/prop

uses 10 x 4.7 prop

GWS100ESC.gif (17306 bytes)
gwsesc50.gif (31825 bytes)
Electric Speed Controls

5 AMP with brake 

2 AMP (ICS50) no brake

Both have BEC

pico.gif (7116 bytes)
Stik kit bashing link

$25 complete
38.1" wingspan
uses 10 x 4.7 prop

$15 without motor unit/prop
(use as replacement parts)

landinggear.jpg (454810 bytes)
Micro retract landing gear  3.5 grams
$7 pair
gwsesc400.gif (22139 bytes)

15 amp with brake

slostik.gif (28048 bytes) SLOW STICK

Wingspan  46.3 in
Length     37.6
Motor  EPS300C (included)
Radio    3 channel

zero1.gif (160644 bytes) ZERO ARF

33.5" wing span
EPS 300C geared motor
(similar to S300)
10 x 8 prop included
tip       rotate endbell 1/4"clockwise for better performance

fuselage replacement $30

parkhawk1.jpg (36962 bytes)
Black and White units in stock

I will put together a combo
of what works with your
existing gear if asked.
real player video
windows media video

AnimationWizard1.gif (7525 bytes)

Wingspan: 46"
Wing area: 380 sq. in., Weight: 14-15 oz.,
S300 motor &
8 cell 700 mah NiHd battery included

Highly preassembled
About 2 hours construction
3 channel radio
2 micro servos
GFS ESC recommended
viperradio2.jpg (19503 bytes)

Free flight airplane converted to RC
See article

($25 retail)

Uses micro servos and receiver



2 HS-50 servos
One GWS DELUXE motor
One GWS 2 amp ESC
One GWS RX w Xtl
Free shipping in US

        $135.00 (save $13)

pg03gyro.jpg (14963 bytes)
26.0 x 27.0 x 11.3 mm
7.0 g (0.285 oz) Plastic Case
4.8 g (0.169 oz) w/o Plastic Case
Power Supply: 4.8 V ~ 6.0 V
Current Draw: 10 mA
Gain Adjustment: Single rate, non-remote
Operation Temp.: -5 degree C ~ 60 degree C
cupidkit.JPG (5728 bytes) Cupid Kit (RC Microflight plan of the month)
Some people have a hard time getting the 1/2" construction foam.
This kit contains:
20 x 20" x 1/2" construction foam
2  HS-55 servos
Set of plans
Pizza box for shipping and field transport
$85.00 including shipping in US
zcars-s.jpg (71841 bytes) These are just too Cool!

The base station charges car
in 45 seconds for 5 min of run
time. Actuators control the
steering. forward/reverse
right/left steering. 27 or 49 mhz


picocombat.jpg (13872 bytes) PICO JET   COMBAT
(Tougher foam)
Wingspan:  35"
Length:  20"
Wing area  approx 300sq"
Uses S400 motor (not included)
gwsgear.jpg (14481 bytes)


Gearbox without motor

GWS "A" IPS gearbox/motor   (same motor sold with the PICO and LITE STICK)
(carbon brushes)

I use the motor (direct drive) in the VIPER conversion

New 3.5:1 ratio gearbox/motor available  $16
use 8 x 6 prop

wheel.jpg (9187 bytes)
GWS Parkflyer wheels
1.85" & 2.56"   $3/pair
gwsedf.gif (44422 bytes)

Run on 6 cells 73g thrust
2" diameter

Replacement motor with connector $9

GWSP0375-250.jpg (7358 bytes) Dual ball bearing geared motor
Mabuchi 370 motor
(Similar to S300™)   $20
A  3.75:1
B  4.43:1
C  5.33:1 (Zero and Beaver)
D  6.60:1 
New to Radio Control? What you need Suggested extras
The Tiger Moth and Pico Sticks are good
Sturdy and build/repair easily

fly using throttle, rudder, elevator
Three or more channel radio transmitter
Micro Receiver and two micro servos
Electronic speed Control (ESC) 2 amp or better
(BEC circuit powers the motor and receiver)
Motor battery 150 mah or higher 7.2/8.4 volt
Motor battery charger
Extra propeller (they occ break)
Heat sink ( prolongs motor life)
Extra battery (fly longer)


hs50copy.JPG (8588 bytes)
The HS-50 is the smallest "cased" servo available today. Weighing in at a mear 5.8 grams the HS-50 will provide the solutions for all those applications where servo placement and weight are critical factors. Its small size makes it ideal for indoor R/C, hand launch gliders and small electric's.*Torque: 8/11 oz/in @ 4.8/6.0v *Speed: .09/.06 seconds/ 60deg @ 4.8/6.0v *Weight:0.22 oz (5.8g)*Size:.82 x 0.44 x 0.87" *Applications: Indoor R/C, Hand Launch Gliders and Small Electric's  $30.00     (retail is $49.95)
gwsservo.gif (13803 bytes) GWS PICO STD Servo

22.8x9.5x15.5 mm   
5.40 grams   
0.12 degrees/sec on 4.8 volts
10 oz/in torque
hs55 copy.JPG (10893 bytes)


Indoor micro-lite, Park and Yard flyers, Hand launch gliders,
Speed 400 and 1/2A-powered aircraft 

Torque: 13/16 oz on 4.8/6.0 volts 
Speed:.09/.08 seconds/ 60 degrees @4.8/6.0v
Size 0.9L x 0.46W x 0.95H inches  Weight .29 oz  (7.8g)

$20   (retail $39.95)      A little bigger and heavier than HS-50
hs81.JPG (13988 bytes) HS-81              When you need something stronger

TORQUE   32 oz


Size L x W x H

1.2 x 0.48 x 1.2 in.


0.65 oz

eclipse.gif (71744 bytes)

Eclipse 7  With SPECTRA Module (all 50 72mhz channels)

Advanced Digital Radio Control System

Hitec is proud to announce an all new flagship radio system, the Eclipse 7 FM. The 7-model memory, 7 channel Eclipse features a large LCD screen, and an incredible array of easy to program features. Included are four separate programming loops, one for fixed wing, glow, gas or electric planes, a helicopter mode and two sailplane modes, one for basic and one for advanced sailplanes. The Eclipse is loaded with features like a variety of pre-programmed mixes plus five programmable mixes (two in Heli mode), digital trims, servo end point adjustments, dual rates, exponential rates, three flight condition settings per model, shift select, sub trims, servo reversing and more. Offered in four different system configurations, the Eclipse is the radio you have been waiting for and is sure to meet and exceed your modeling needs. 


Eclipse transmitter with Spectra Synthesizer Module, TX NiCad and overnight wall charger
$240 ($399 retail) new with warranty

flash5g.gif (48065 bytes)  

Flash 5 System X          

Five channel FM aircraft computer radio 

With high dollar features, such as five model memory, digital trims, “AutoSave”, 3 special flight modes for sport, electric or sailplane models as well as all of the most popular mixes, no other radio can touch the Flash 5 SX for quality and value.  



Includes: Micro “555” 5 Channel Micro Receiver, 3 HS-81 Micro Servos, 600 mah. transmitter and 270 mah. receiver NiCads, Charger, Switch harness with Charge Jack and Frequency Flags


$200   New with warranty     (Transmitter only $110)

gwsrx2.JPG (30637 bytes)

         GWR naro 6 channel  $30  9.2 grams
GWS 4 channel submicro receiver

Horizontal or Vertical connection
POS and NEG shift available
1000 ft range with full antenna      72MHz

$28 with Xtal      
$22 without
New with warranty

555.jpg (17523 bytes) HITEC 555
5 channel
NEG shift (futaba/hitec)

Dual conversion
about 1/2ounce with case off


crystal add $10
New with warranty

combo.jpg (472865 bytes)
New with warranty

3 channel transmitter
Servo reversing
Elevon/v-tail mixing built in
Transmitter charger
NiCad battery installed



PICO flight pack + crystal                    $130
NARO flight pack + crystal                  $125
Two HS-50 servos
GWS submicro receiver with crystal
GFS ESC                                           $160
Two HS-55 servos
One Feather receiver with crystal        $110
Two HS-81 servos
One 555 receiver with crystal               $130


hitecbattery.JPG (11825 bytes)
9.6 volt 600mah transmitter battery
Used in Hitec transmitters
Black part is a foam spacer use in the
focus radios (removable)
hiteccharger.jpg (20902 bytes)
Tx/Rx wall charger
GFS!_with_wires.gif (11027 bytes)

        Small enough for indoor planes   Strong enough for S400.
        Why buy 2amp units that are heavier, have less features
         and limited use?
The First Micro Speed Control

With Glitch Filtering Software

$35 postage paid (US)

Ultra Smooth Throttle Response
Up to 10 Amps Continuous Current
Use with 4 to 16 Cell Batteries
1.5 Amp BEC Powers Receiver and Servos
Weighs Only 1 Gram (less wires)
Actual Size: 0.9" by 0.4"
Low Voltage Shutdown (3.6 volts)
Loss of Signal Shutdown
The motor leads are a diode
I don't use any additional suppression (capacitors)
20sc.JPG (103844 bytes) DMA-20

10 amps continuous  20amps for 30 sec

18 cell max
6-12 with BEC
OPTICAL isolation
Can operate with or without BEC

$45.00          Only one left

carbonribbon.JPG (36684 bytes)  

1/4 inch Carbon Fiber ribbon

10 ft for $5.00

heatsink.JPG (11858 bytes)
Heat sink for GWS motor $2.00
spinner.JPG (5428 bytes)
Pico Stick spinner $1.50
props.JPG (9512 bytes)
8 x 6             $2.00
10 x 4.7        $2.00
9 x 7             $2.00
10 x 8           $3.00
9 x7 three blade $4.00
n20copy.JPG (6145 bytes)

Mabuchi N20PN
Similar to motor used in B2
Rated 2-6 volts
5 grams

$2 each or 10 for  $15

$2 shipping  $3.50 priority

progoldpen copy.JPG (6605 bytes) PROGOLD

Conditions and lubricates
small motor brushes.
Pen applicator.

$21.00 + $2 shipping

deoxitpen copy.JPG (6477 bytes) DEOXIT
Cleans and lubricates
small motor brushes.
Lowers resistance
Longer brush life
Lowers RF
Pen applicator

$14.00 + $2 shipping

GWS Battery Charger GWS-MC2002


GWS Microprocessor Controlled Battery Charger with Automatic Delta Peak for both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH Battery Packs
  • Input Voltage Range: DC 9.0 ~ 15.0 V
  • Charging Current: 0.25 ~ 6.00A Continuous
  • Battery Types: 50 mAh ~ 3000 mAh Ni-Cd or Ni-MH
  • Cells: 4 ~ 12 Cells
  • Cut-off: Microprocessor Controlled Automatic Delta-Peak Cut-off
  • Protection: Output Reverse Polarity and Short Protection
  • Maximum Charge Time: 45 Minutes with Safety Cut-off
  • Readout: Large Scale Current Meter
  • Cooling: Sturdy Aluminum Case with Heavy Duty Heat Sink
gwsmc2002.jpg (31663 bytes) cg340.jpg (8765 bytes)
HITEC CG-340  $38
  • Peak Charge
  • Delta Peak Cut Off
  • NiCd or NiMh Capable
  • "No False Peak" Circuitry
  • Auto Shut Off After 2 hours
  • Adjustable NiCd Trickle charge
  • Fully Adjustable Charge Rate
  • MOS-FET Drive Control with Linear Charging
pulse.jpg (89081 bytes)
$50.00  one left
eflitecharg.JPG (63362 bytes) E-Flite DC Fast Charger
   Designed for use with a 12V power supply (car battery)
  • Will charge 6- to 7-cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs ranging in capacity from 250 to 700mAh
  • Compatible with nearly all of the battery packs used by slow and park flyers and other small electric aircraft
  • 30-minute timer and alligator clip connectors
  • Small enough to fit in car glove compartment

CG-335 - DC-DC Multi Purpose Charger w/ Digital Display 

The CG-335 is a versatile charger that allows the user to charge multiple battery packs at one time. The CG-335 incorporates a unique glow igniter battery charging feature and a “Boosted Charging Method” that charges up to 24 cells (28.8 Volts) from a 12 Volt source.



 $95.00    ($130 retail)

Charger.jpg (13496 bytes)


Hobbico.JPG (29919 bytes) AC/DC charger
Came with the HYPERFLY
will charge a 1400 mah battery in 30 mins. 
$20 post paid in US
proseries.gif (28844 bytes) I don't sell these but I highly recommend this charger.
Charges 110 mah batteries at 5C safely.
NiHd also (great field charger)
     Sirius Electronics

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